Ford Bronco and Ranger: Increasing Production

Ford Bronco and Ranger- Increasing Production

While demand is less strong for certain models, the opposite is true for others, such as the Ford Bronco and Ford Ranger, whose popularity continues to grow. This is precisely why the American automaker had to add a third shift to the production line.

Ford is announcing the creation of over 900 positions for its Michigan plant. On the other hand, the American manufacturer had to reduce the production of the F-150 Lightning, affecting approximately 1400 jobs at the truck plant. Fortunately, out of this number, 700 workers have applied for positions at the Bronco and Ranger plant. This should allow production to run 7 days a week. Currently, the Michigan plant operates only 5 days a week.

A matter of priority

Ford was the second-largest manufacturer in the electric vehicle segment last year, mostly due to the arrival of the Lightning. This is why the American automaker placed significant emphasis on the production of this model. Now that there is inventory in dealerships, Ford has decided to focus its efforts on other models whose popularity continues to grow.

The Bronco variants have been multiplying in recent years, and the introduction of the Raptor version adds a whole new dimension to the model’s range. As for the Ranger, a new generation is expected in 2024. Not to mention that the American manufacturer’s midsize truck also gets its Raptor version. In short, one can easily understand the enthusiasm buyers have for both models.

Jean-S├ębastien Poudrier